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Welcome to The Anatomy of Health

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

The Anatomy of Health invites you to explore the complexities around health and wellness. Together, we will explore what it means to be happy and healthy.

I want to start by introducing a the concept of salutogenesis, or, giving birth to health. This is different from pathogenesis, which focuses on disease or illness. A salutogenic approach focuses on ways to optimize your health, with nutrition, sleep, lifestyle, and stress management, will help the body feel and function at its best. This is the Anatomy of Health.

Vitruvian man
Vitruvian man

'Pathos' means suffering: a focus away from disease with chiropractic care

Pathogenesis is the birth of suffering. It is the concept of addressing the problem when it has already manifested in the body. Labs, imaging, diagnostic procedures all go into the cycle of how this model of healthcare works. The Anatomy of Health aims to promote salutogenesis instead of pathogenesis.

Chiropractors focus from "treatment plan" to "care plan"

The next time your doctor presents you with a treatment plan, know that is in the umbrella of a pathogenic approach to healthcare. Salutogenesis focuses on a care plan. The Anatomy of Health is about caring for your health.

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