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  • Mina Pashayi

Specialized Pro‐resolving Mediators (SPMs) for Healing Pain and Inflammation

SPMs are a class of newly discovered molecules that are produced in the body from the metabolism of omega‐3 and omega‐6 fatty acids, which are found in foods such as fatty fish, nuts, and seeds. They may help support the resolution of the initial steps in the body’s inflammatory pathway, helping to promote immune balance and a healthy inflammatory response within the body.

SPMs have been shown to act as chemical messengers in the inflammation pathway and may help support the body’s normal response to physical stressors, helping the body create a healthy environment for new tissue development.

SPMs may also help support the body’s normal healing process. SPMs help preserve the first phase of the inflammatory pathway, which may aid in the process of “resolution” of the inflammatory pathway. SPM SupremeTM was formulated to help support the body’s natural ability and capacity to respond to physiological stress and help “resolve” the immune process, encouraging immune system balance.

Benefits Include:

  • Supports a normal response to physiological stress

  • Promotes tissue repair

  • Supports a normal inflammatory response

  • Helps support the body’s normal healing process

For more information about SPMs and if they may be right for you, please text us at 855-489-5311 or schedule a consultation online

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